Winter is over

Took a long look at the old Barbeque today, its itching to come out from its winter retirement.  Who is not excited for the warm days that are slowly warming up our cold frosted toes from such a long winter! Soon my tantalizing grilling machine friend, we shall meet soon..

Coming flowers

Monet Landscaping is very excited! The flowers are finally emerging, and soon the bees will be dancing around them.  And most importantly, the first designs are already in the making. Lets make some beautiful springtime history. Call today and let us know what is your dream design.

Welcoming Spring

Officially, it maybe the new wonderful season of spring.  The birds will be returning, the ground finally free from the preserving winter blanket of snow.  As delightful as snowman building is, no one really wants that many months of constant whiteness and cold. Bring on the sun, flowers, heat and great outdoor living experiences!!