“Monet Landscape Corporation is a team with the expertise of creative and dynamic integrations of nature and human usability. We take special pleasure in creating an outdoor environment that will captivate all five senses.” – Matthew Rosenbloom, Creator

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The beauty of water

WATER IS THE DRIVING FORCE OF ALL NATURE.” - LEONARDO DA VINCI POOLS, FOUNTAINS, GROTTOS, WATERFALLS, AND AQUATIC INSTALLATIONS MONET LANDSCAPE CORPORATION ALLOWING YOU TO DIVE INTO YOUR DREAM COME TRUE… Creating waterscapes is a way of working with nature that is quite different from any other material. Monet Landscape Corporation will work with you to find the best possible way to express the perfect outdoor living experience. Integrate the structure of the natural surroundings with plantings and entice the senses to enjoy the sound and visual beauty of flowing water for an award winning style.

The versatility of earth

"WE HAVE MUCH TO LEARN BY STUDYING NATURE AND TAKING THE TIME TO TEASE OUT ITS SECRETS.” - DAVID SUZUKI THE VERSATILITY OF EARTH: GARDEN DESIGN, LANDSCAPING, ART INSTALLATIONS ORNAMENTAL DESIGN WITH LOVING REGARD FOR NATURE AND OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT Monet Landscape follows the basic principle of effective design by focusing first at the outdoor surroundings. Then, stylish design and aesthetics become critical factors in creating the ideal outdoor space. Monet Landscape utilizes special approaches to water runoff, land contouring and drainage in order to ensure optimal conditions and minimum future maintenance. Stylish and unique garden design is effectively the most exciting part of design, and is simply the icing on the cake when it ...

The strength of stone

"EVERY BLOCK OF STONE HAS A STATUE INSIDE IT AND IT IS THE TASK OF THE SCULPTOR TO DISCOVER IT.” - MICHELANGELO PAVERS, COBBLESTONE, INTERLOCK BUILDING A FUTURE, ONE STONE STEP AT A TIME The possibilities for the perfect design are endless due to the abundance of materials and options for the backbone of the design. Monet Landscape provides quality installations for the perfectly balanced environment.

The warmth of wood

"WHENEVER I THINK OF GAZEBOS, I REMEMBER THAT CLASSIC MOVIE SCENE FROM THE SOUND OF MUSIC. AS A YOUNG GIRL, I USED TO DANCE AROUND IN THEM HUMMING THAT TUNE IF I HAD THE CHANCE…” - LIISA S M BRIDGES, PATIOS, TREE FORTS GROW TOGETHER WITH THE BEAUTY OF WOODEN STRUCTURES The creation of an original design with wood is a favourite of Monet Landscape. A deck or gazebo is a recreational extension of the home - excellent for dining or simply relaxing in the protective and comforting outdoor living space. Designing with wood can inspire a range of interesting projects, from traditional pond bridges to stylized gazebos and even tree forts.