Garden design, art installations, land contouring

Creating landscaping art with the versatility of earth

At Monet Landscape, we have become skilled at developing detailed and creative designs to fit any space and vision. Including elements like Zen gardens or other art installations requires an experienced hand.

We are confident that our experts have the skill to bring your horticultural design to life. Our team can help you include landscaping elements that will fit into any season. To create a landscape that can hold up under our unique Canadian environment, it takes experience and expertise. Monet Landscape has the knowledge and passion needed. You can be sure that no matter what the weather brings, your unique space will continue to stand.

When it comes to working with outdoor challenges like water run-off, we have a highly detailed and thorough approach. Being able to bring your vision to life while working within the confines of your space is our talent. Our skilled landscapers know how to work with your vision to get the look you want and need for your space.

Getting the best from your landscaping project means honouring what is already there. Using methods like land contouring, our teams are able to preserve water purification. Working with the earth rather than against its natural design allows you to get a landscape look that will last.

No matter what design or art installation you want to include in your backyard or commercial property, Monet Landscape has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.


“We have much to learn by studying nature and taking the time to tease out its secrets.” – David Suzuki


Some of Our Earth Services include:

  • Art Installations
  • Formal Gardens
  • Four Season Plantings
  • Land Contouring
  • Living Walls
  • Orangery
  • Parterre
  • Rock Garden
  • Topiary
  • Zen Garden

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