Pool maintenance

What is the easiest way to clean heavy calcium deposits that form on the tile around the water level?

Use a lava brick to scrape the deposits off the tile. Before you do this, make sure that you purchase some heavy-duty plastic gloves to protect your fingers - the lava brick can really do a number on them. When you use the brick, make CERTAIN that you wet and re-wet the tile as you scrape or you will damage the tile. I've found that this is a task best done from inside the pool, and you won't have to go to the expense and pain of draining the pool. The brick will eventually disintegrate, but you can easily vacuum out the "dirt" the next time you clean the pool.

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How do you clean murky and green pool water?

We have found that the best & fastest way to clean up a problem like that is to vacuum straight out to waste. Re-fill and do it as many times as it takes until you have just a mild green. Then shock & run the filter. This process is time consuming since you have only a short time to vacuum before the water level dips below skim line. when re-filling get the water level as high as possible by closing the valve or moving it to filter. If you have a plaster pool maybe easier just to drain.

How do you get rid of yellow algae in your pool?

Orange or yellow-colored spots in pool water or on pool surfaces is generally called mustard algae. This can be brushed off, but unless you use a strong algaecide they'll come back.

How do you close a pool for the season?

Buying a pool cover is probably the best solution. You should remember to maintain your pool though, all the time. Maintaining correct pH and Chlorine levels, at a minimum will help keep the nasties at bay.

What chemicals are used to start up a pool while filling?

First off, test the water going into the pool to determine it's "native" pH, chlorine level (municipal water usually has trace amounts), it's alkalinity (its resistance to swings in the pH), & it's calcium hardness. pH/alkalinity is first. Get the pH balanced, then add chlorine, also get some floater dispensers. I recommend getting a test kit for use once or twice a month, and a cheap little kit for daily use. I use alkalinity increaser for alkalinity issues, muriatic for pH acid down and pH increaser for pH up. Learning your waters native alk & pH is 3/4 the battle. Then just keep it chlorinated to kill the beasties.

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