The party started with face painting and glitter tattoo. This is my...

The party started with face painting and glitter tattoo. This is my first time to have a glitter tattoo and face painting for a party but it was well worth it. The kids enjoyed having their faces painted and their arms getting tattoed with glitter arts. Not just the kids, the adults enjoyed it as well

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Our host/magician, Len started the program with Q and A portion for the kids. They have to guess the answers correctly to win a prize. The girls, patiently sat in the middle to be greeted and introduced. This is their second time to have a party, the first one was when they turned 1. And, they appreciate this more than the first, of course!

After the quick game, the food was served and the guests enjoyed their meal plus they got the chance to enjoy the desserts from my mom's bakery! My mom delightfully agreed when I told her that I will be using her cupcakes and eggpie as desserts. My father actually freaked out to discover that the eggpies have no edge designs! But we told him it's fine. And here they are:

Then, after the satisfying meal and desserts, the kids enjoyed watching the balloon twisting and kiddie magic show performed by Len. I chose to setup the event with a lot of balloons primarily because the kids love balloons. They we're overwhelmed when they enter the venue because they we're greeted by balloon pillars, ceiling decors and the small balloons lying on the floor! The balloon twisting is also a surprise and I am happy they enjoyed it so much.

The party isn't just for the kids! There we're games for adults and as usual it was really hard to convince them to stand in front and participate and I am so happy for those who accepted the challenge lol!

Now it's time to sing "Happy Birthday" to Sciezka and Elysia! My event assistant put some tiny sparkling candles on the cake to add a bit of excitement to the kids and they loved them!

Chickee the restaurant's mascot performed a dance number and the kids posed with him after

The party ended with the giving away of loots and twisted balloons at the exit. I personally would like to thank those who came to witness the 4th birthday celebration of my daughters. From my family, we say thank you very much!


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