Homemade Flavored Lip Gloss

Homemade lip gloss

Forget how expensive cleaning products are for a moment and let's focus on the cost of beauty products. The prices are outrageous! When you're on a budget like we are it can be very costly choosing a product that is affordable but also one that I would wear. Not only that I have 2 young teenage girls in the house and you know how expensive that can be when it comes to makeup products.

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I love my lip gloss especially when the weather is cold and windy. Lip gloss happens to be one of the easiest makeup products to make because it only takes 2 ingredients and you probably already have them on hand. All you need are containers to put the finished products in. With this recipe I found you'll have enough lip gloss for everyone in the house that will last quite awhile. What's even better is that you can make different flavors.

You will need,

1 tub of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or about 1 cup

1 package of koolaid (any flavor)

Containers for your lip gloss

First let me just say before you begin is that some of the comments on the website suggested that some people didn'thave luck with this recipe but I can tell you that my homemade lip glossturned out perfect on the first try. Some people claim that if you add the kool-aid into very hot petroleum jelly it will cook the kool-aid and not turn out so well.

What I did was melt the petroleum jelly in the microwave, stirring in-between 1 minute intervals, until the jelly was just melted but not overheated. I added my kool-aid to the vaseline after it was just melted and stirred until mixed. I have also made this lip glossusing the liquid water flavor enhancers which turned out just as good. Then, I added the mixture to my containers and used the back edge of a knife to smooth off the top. Just let the product set and you have made your very own lip gloss to brag about.

If you have more than enough you can give them away as gifts. Theyalso make great stocking stuffers.The website also has printable labelsyou can download for your containers which gives it a personal touch.

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