House flipping on a low budget...

So you wanna learn how to flip a house with no money or credit! I am going to be short and to the point and I hope that the information that you gain today will help you achieve your goal of flipping a house. You can find my credentials here.

The biggest and most overlooked part of flipping houses today with no money and no credit is finding motivated sellers that are willing to allow you to contract on their home at a great price. Now, all the fuss is about finding buyers, which in my opinion is a waste if you do not have a product to sell. Buyers are easy to find when you have a great deal, the problem is to many wholesalers have mediocre deals that real buyers don't want anything to do with. With that said, here's how to flip a home and make a quick 1,500-7,000 cash if not more and sometimes less.

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First determine how your going to find your sellers and there are many ways that you can do this depending on your finances. If your broke this can still be done but your going top have to bust your a$$ a little more if you really want to wholesale real estate. So I am going to assume your broke like I was. Drive 4 Dollars, if you do not have a car than walk. You will drive or walk neighborhoods looking for vacant homes these are easily spotted by looking for boarded up homes or over grown grass. Write down every address along with the address of FSBO's (For Sale By Owners). Once you have address you will do a owner look up using your counties assessors office(Most counties offer this service online). Look for owners that are behind in taxes and that are non-owner occupants. Non-Owner Occupants are owners of property that don't live in the residence, normally a landlord. You will recognize these landlords because the tax mailing address is usually different from the property address. Next, you will call FSBO's and offer a lease option and look for the owners of your properties on line. Facebook works great. If you cannot find an owners number you will then mail them. If this is starting to sound like work it's because it is. If that bothers you than you will never be rich, you will have to work for this, there is no magic button contrary to belief. Once you get in contact with the seller you will have to negotiate a discount on the property, which isn't that difficult because we have already narrowed down our focal point. Once you and a seller agree on price then you start marketing that price for sale on classified sites for free and social media. BOOOOOOOOOOOOMProperty Sold and you have flipped a house.

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