Google Analytics code

During the initial setup of Google Analytics code you will find an option to enable E-Commerce reports for a website. To do this login to your Google analytics profile, Edit the profile setting, specify the website and choose the Yes an E-Commerce site option.

Integrating the Tracking Code

Before integrating the custom code make sure that the receipt page on your website is tagged with the Google Analytics tracking Code. Once if that is checked it's time to install the code, there are mainly three parameters involved in the E-Commerce tracking code

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This parameter is used to initiate the transaction object and this store the information about an individual transaction. For E.G as order ID, affiliate or store name, total, tax, shipping, city, state, country etc. make sure the values that is entered here is accurate as the incorrect values can bring in wrong reported values in Google analytics.


This parameter tracks details about the items in the users shopping cart and this tracks details like SKU, price, category and quantity.


This method confirms that a purchase is made and the data is finalized as a transaction.

The code can be places anywhere in the page after the _trackPageview() method is executed.


If there are any variables that do not apply to an item then you should leave it blank. But most of all ensure that the values entered are accurate. Also for few Content management systems they will have a built in options or plugins to make the E-commerce tracking simpler. Once you have followed this process check the Google Analytics report and view the data that is being populated.


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