Money Making Ideas

My mind is filled with money making ideasthe only problem is that there are too many for me to act upon. I should compile a list, outline each idea, do some research and then outsource the project of product creation..and also the website, sales copy and traffic.

Instead, I am going to do something a little different. I am going to throw down a whole bunch of ideas, and let whoever wants to, run with them.

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These, mind you, are in no particular ordertotally random .

Everyone owns a video camera, right?start USING it, film some funny pet videos, or anything that you might find unusualcreate a free account at Revver, and upload themeasy, and can earn some decent cash.

Like to write.start writing articles on various subjects that you are interested in, or are knowledgeable aboutgo to e-lance, or forums, and network with people willing to buy your work. Can be very profitable for at home work.

Have any old books lying around that are in decent shape? sell them on Amazon! sign up for a free account, list your books and wait for them to sell.

Check around your own local area for a service that you can provide, such as, writing resumes, laundry or shopping service for the elderly or shut ins. If you have any web design skills you can search local businesses and find the ones who rank poorly in local search, or maybe don't have a web site at all.this is a wide open market just waiting for you.

Start a blogyou can do this for free.

Write about some life experience, or something that you are passionate aboutwrite at least 3-4 time s a weekif it is a subject that draws decent traffic, you can monetize it with Adsense ads, or affiliate links to relevant products.

You can try the paid to read e-mails and such, but frankly you will never make any decent money this way.

Here's a concept that uses some of the money making ideas and puts them into a system.create a blog in a particular niche(one that you have carefully chosen as profitable) traffic with article writing and social mediause affiliate links within your blog that point to products that are relevant to your niche..oh, and did I mention that this can all be done at NO COST!?

This is just a start

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