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Did you know we all have a purpose in life that has to be fulfilled before we leave this earth? You see this past weekend brought out my purpose. I always knew I had something in me that was different but I didn't know how to produce it. Over the past 13 years, I have dealt with insecurities. I had always be a larger child than most, and I let what my classrooms said about me determine how I seen myself. As I got into high school it didn't get any better. I gain more weight and was seen as an outcast in the popular groups. Even after I graduated I couldn't get the thought of what society and this world said was beautiful out of my head; so I tried to cover it up with different things until I realized the insecurities, and thoughts I felt about myself was dictating and determining how my life was going; I had to make a change.

And I did!

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I attended an event that would change my outlook on life, my purpose, how I valued myself and the impact I could make on other lives. For the first time in the 25 years I felt FREE !!. Free from the stereotypes, Free from the traditional lifestyle, Free to actually be ME! Not worrying about what other people thought about me or if I could get my entire families approval on my life. I knew deep inside that I had a purpose of service and helping other people achieve their goals, and that is exactly what I started to do!

I know most of you thinking, who in the hell is Autumn and where did she come from! Well coming from the traditional way of life in Ann Arbor, Michigan; graduating from a big ten university, pursuing my masters, yea you are probably wondering how I got into internet marketing. It took me moving to a completely different state with no family and meeting an entrepreneur for me to step out of the box and step into my destiny.

Was/Is it scary? YES!!!But if you have a vision ofWHYyou are doing this, then everything will start to align.

So to all the women in this internet marketing field! You can do this! I had no experience before getting involved with Empower Network, but I had a vision and I stepped into my purpose. Now it is time for you to step in and take charge!

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