Nokia E5: a smartphone with good but also bad aspects

A good smartphone doesn't really have to be very expensive. Nokia E5 is an accessible mobile phone, with business and multimedia features.

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At a first glance, the Nokia E5 gives you the impression of a Nokia E72, but with a bigger niche, targeting users that want a cheaper smartphone.

It looks almost the same, but it has rounded corners, a small change to justify the price difference. It is very easy to use, and previous Nokia users will have no problems in familiarizing themselves with the Nokia E5 model. It comes with a QWERTY keyboard, screen with 320 x 240 pixels resolution. Under the display we can find the navigation pad, which is not optic, it contains directional keys that do not provide a control of the cursor comparable to that offered by the Nokia E72 model.

The strong suit of the mobile phone, as it was mentioned by Nokia, is the fact that it provides a very easy way to get in touch with people, with the help of instant messaging, email and social networks. It can run multiple applications at the same time and it offers Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, microUSB, HSDPA connectivity options.

Still, regarding browsing the Internet, it's clear that this mobile phone cannot be compared to phones equipped with touchscreens and big resolutions. But, for unpretentious users, the Nokia E5 is very good, the basic tasks being fulfilled without any problems.

Reading and writing emails, reading news and articles, social networks, etc, cause no problems. This is not a mobile phone for movies and games, considering the modest technical specifications of the display.

The Nokia E5 also has some flaws. It is very uncomfortable as the volume keys which are placed on the side are very hard to press. Also, the microSD slot access can only be achieved after the battery has been removed, being placed in a very hidden location.

Nokia E5 technical specifications

- Connectivity: HSDPA 10,2 Mbps, Wi-Fi

- Screen: 320 x 240 pixels, 2,36 inch

- storage: microSD 2 GB card included

- operating system: Symbian OS v9.3 Series 60 rel

- photo camera: 5 MP sensor

- video: VGA

- processor: ARM 11, 600 MHZ

- battery capacity: 1200 mAh

- weight: 126 grams.


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