Too busy to think up a crafty Halloween costume?

Are you finding yourself too busy to think up a crafty Halloween costume for the kids this year? Sure, you could just pick one up at your local discount store, but you probably have the materials you need at home for at least one of these last-minute kid-pleasing costumes!

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The Classic Ghost

You have an old white sheet, don't you? Well, then, you have yourself a Halloween costume! Drape the sheet over the ghosts-to-be and have them stick their arms out to the sides. With a pencil or pen, trace a shape on the sheet that will cover the arms and end about 2 inches off the ground. Draw large oval-shaped eyes on the sheet that will allow plenty of room for visibility and fresh air. Cut along the lines to make your ghost costume. Dress in all-white clothing underneath the sheet.

Pirates Ahoy!

Grab an old pair of jeans and cut them to mid-calf length. Then cut 2- or 3-inch vertical strips around the bottom of each leg fora frayed effect. Add a belt with a shiny brass buckle, a striped shirt on top (everyone has trendy stripes these days), a bandana tied around the head, and black leather shoes. Accessorize your pirate costume with an eye patch made of black felt, facial hair or a scruffy beard drawn on with an eyeliner pencil, and shiny costume jewelry.

Punk Rocker

Layer a ripped T-shirt over a long-sleeve close-fitting shirt. Add tight jeans - createrips and tears if necessary. Cut the ribbed bands off of a pair of socks to make wristbands(push brass-colored brads through the wristbands to "stud" them if desired). For shoes, grab your Converse or other sneakers andpairwith striped socks. Now for the hair - go get the super-hold gel! Spike hair on top or all over to make a rock-star do. Add a pair of sunglasses, if you will be trick-or-treating before dark.

Flower Fairy

Cut wings in a butterfly shape out of cardboard and decorate with glue and glitter.Wear tights and a pastel-colored top, then make a skirt by tying multicolored scarves around an elastic waistband (alternatively, you can wear a long, flowing dress-up dress). Attach wings by punching two holes at the base of each wing and securing over the shoulders with yarn. Make a flowered headband by twisting silk flowers together. For your feet, wear ballet shoes or pink slippers.

Sports Star

Your child's fall sport uniform will come in handy her, or youcan ask to borrow sports gear from a high-school friend or relative. Football players can add bulk under their gear with towels or old clothes. Don't forget to add black patches under the eyes with eyeliner.

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