Deck, gazebo, pagoda and pond bridges

Design that goes against the grain

Monet Landscape Corporation understands how to create wood features that work for any landscaping project. If your dream design includes custom-created patios, decks or more, you can count on our expertise.
When it comes to working with wood features for your landscaping project, there are several factors that need to be considered. Getting the look you want with the right wood materials is key to enjoying your space and protecting your safety. Our experts can help you create those special details and builds that bring your vision to life. We will also help you create a low-maintenance element using fire-safe materials.
Including landscape elements like decks, gazebos or bridges help to bring a unique and original feeling to your space. These features can be fun and challenging to create. Our teams understand how to help you incorporate a style that reflects your vision.
Let us help you find quality wood materials that compliment your design, work for your space and fit into your dream landscape project. Not all wood is the same and it is important to know what colour and style will work within your space. It is also important to find the best quality material that offers a high level of fire safety to provide you with the peace of mind you need for your wood features.
Monet Landscape experts can also help you design elements like tree forts that serve as the perfect hideaway or wood playhouses for the young or the young at heart.
If you want to include some wood elements to your backyard, courtyard, or commercial property, Monet Landscape has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.


“Whenever I think of gazebos, I remember that classic movie scene from The Sound of Music. As a young girl, I used to dance around in them humming that tune if I had the chance…” – Liisa S M


Some of Our Wood Services include:

  • Bridges
  • Decks
  • Engawa
  • Gazebos
  • Loggia
  • Pagodas
  • Pavilions
  • Sculptures
  • Tree Forts
  • Verandas

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